Select from a variety of low-cost or high end journals - customised just for you.

Journal sizes - A4, A5, A6 or A7

Choice of leathers

Choice of papers

Permanent binding or refillable

Some journals can be personalised

Repair your favourite book

Breathe new life into your treasured books whether they are Family Bibles, Cook books, Children's books, Photo Albums - anything that has precious memories associated with them.

Customised book cover

Customised covers for shop bought journals - love your Moleskine but want something more interesting? Have a personalised cover.

Got a book you use regularly but want to protect it from wear and tear?

Bespoke casings

Protection for regularly used items such as Tarot cards.

Photo Album

Have a treasured  photo album repaired or recovered, or have a new one from scratch.

Secret Book Safes

Hide your stash in a secret book safe

Artisan Crafts is all about making and reliving memories

Whether it is making memories, recording them, recalling them or protecting them so that what is personal to you is preserved for your future generations to share.



Imagine sitting down with your grandchildren and sharing adventures from decades ago - "you did what Grandpa?!!" - it reminds them you weren't always old!


The memories may be captured in a journal that you took on your travels, or just kept on your bedside to download the days thoughts before turning in. Memories change over time, so it is great to see what you originally wrote to stop them becoming distorted.

It's also a great way to capture favourite quotes - who was it that said "I have written you down; now you will live forever"?



Photo albums are a great way to remember people or events, whether they are our albums or one passed down the generations. The only problem is that after a lot of use they can start to fall apart. The albums can be repaired or you can have a new one made personalised to you or that event. 


Most of us will have a favourite book or two, either from childhood or one that's been passed down through the family.

They may be a bit old and battered, but worth repairing for the sake of the memories associated with them. 

Often they are so badly damaged that further use could cause significantly more damage - if these books have precious memories it really is worth making them functional again for future generations to share.


 Sometimes we have a book that is in constant use such as a Bible, Torah, Qu'ran or any texts we refer to on a regular basis. It could just be a dictionary or a hymn book and having a protective cover that is also personalised can be a great gift.

It's not limited to books - I made one for my Tarot cards & guide book.



 Got a secret? Book safes are real hollowed out books you can keep your secret stash in - whether its your rainy day fund, choccies you don't want any one else raiding, a hip flask for a private tipple, all those passwords you shouldn't write down but there's too many to remember or somewhere to hide "those letters".

Add a bit of extra security when travelling - hide your money or passport inside a trashy novel. Use your imagination!