Protect your books

There are several ways to protect books, depending on the level of protection required;

whether that is from wear during everyday use, further deterioration due to fragility or protection during transport and storage.

The Slip Case

These are made to measure for each book. 

A slipcase is a five-sided box, usually made of high-quality cardboard, into which books or small sets of books are slipped  in to protect from dust and light damage. The spine is usually left open for ease of access.

The boxes are covered in a high quality book cloth or paper.

Special editions of books are often slipcased for a stylish appearance when placed on a bookshelf.


Just published your first book? Protect your own first edition for future generations with a custom designed slip case.

The Clam Shell Box

These are designed for the protection of more fragile or valuable items, in that the spine forms a snug enclosure to the inner tray whilst the outer tray and spine completely encloses it, providing two layers of protection from dust & light, and any physical damage during handling.

The box is custom designed to be a snug fit so it doesn't rattle around in transit.

It opens completely flat for ease of access.

A ribbon can be inserted to gently lift the book before removing it. This is particularly useful when storing fragile papers that don't have a hard cover. 

Additional padding can be added to the box - this is usually sheeps wool felt which is acid neutral and naturally coloured.

A label window is included on the spine for ease of identification.

I generally line the trays with a softer cloth, but use a more robust cloth on the outer to withstand moisture and dirt from handling.

Reading Cradle


A reading cradle is a great way to read a book that is fragile and susceptible to damage if opened too far. Alternatively they can be used for display purposes.

Also good for reading heavy books that become uncomfortable to hold after a few minutes.

This is a collapsible cradle that will fit on a bookshelf when not is use.

The spine width and viewing angles are all completely adjustable.

Cradles can be made for any size book.


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