Hand Made Journals

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Here are a few examples, which can be made any any size (but it's easier and cheaper to make A5/A6/A7!).


The Traveller Journal - Rustler hide


The Traveller Journal - Kodiak hide











The Companion Journals - Healey Hide















Selection of hides in stock

Journals for living & remembering 

Keeping a journal is a very personal way of capturing key moments in you life, in some respects more personal than taking a photo, as you can describe how you felt about a situation as well as recording facts. This could be anything from some thoughts shared with  a friend over coffee, to momentous family occasions. It could be an extravagant road trip where each day is filled with new experiences that you want to share and preserve for future generations.


Clarity & focus

Journaling forces you to transform your thoughts into words, making you think more precisely and bring clarity to a nebulous subject or idea.

It also provides a far more accurate guide to the past than our memories do, given that we can sometimes change those memories or embellish them every time we retell them.


"I have written you down - now you will live forever" 


"We write to taste life twice,

in the moment and in retrospect"

- Anais Nin.

Everyday stuff to time capsules

You may use your journal just to scribble down stuff you won't remember otherwise - names, addresses, phone numbers of folks you just met and want to get back to. It might be you want to sketch an idea or draw a picture or paint a scene.

Whatever you fill your journal with, once it is full it then transforms from just being a tool for writing and drawing into a time capsule crammed with memories both trivial and awesome.

Some people want a refill for their journal, but my view is you should keep the journal intact to preserve your thoughts - what's going to happen to those pages without a cover to protect them?

The Commonplace Book

There was a time when commonplace books were a popular way for civilised men and women to record striking passages they found in their reading. Who can forget the electrifying effect when we encounter them for the first time? The commonplace book is a way of saving these so we can return to them for renewed inspiration.

Historical journalers

Journaling has been going on for a long time - they might not have always been called journals, but think back to the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Darwen, Samuel Pepys, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Captain Scott, Marie Curie, Ann Frank, Ahmed Ibn Fadlan and so on - you will be in August company. They all started of as just ordinary folks so maybe you too will become as famous one day and people will hang on every word in your journal (or not...).



What are you waiting for?

Whatever your calling, profession, pastime or hobby - start scribbling in a journal hand built at Artisan Crafts to your own specification - we have a choice of leathers, colours, papers, book marks, fastenings and pen loops for you to choose from as you configure your journal just how you want it.

I don't have a shop front set upon my website just yet, so go to the contacts page and send me an email & I'll respond as soon as I can.


If you don't see exactly what you want, just get in touch as I also provide a bespoke service where I can make something to your requirements. Sure it'll cost a little more, but only you will have that design.